Dyed wool locks

It's takes a full year for a Leicester Longwool to grow her fleece. Our sheep graze through our orchard and then rotate through many other protected pastures. The coyotes have established territories out here, so effort has been invested into good fencing for the sheep. In the heat of the summer, we ensure they are in areas with shade protection and have plenty of cool water, salt and mineral supplements.


                                               sheep with jackets


All of our sheep wear a jacket through the winter to protect their fleece from vegetable matter (hay chaff). This makes for a cleaner final product.


                                         fleece on skirting table

After shearing, we put the fleece on a skirting table to remove any undesirable fleece. This can remove as much as 4lbs from the weight of the fleece. What is left is the best fiber.


The strength of the fiber is very important. If the fibers are pulled from end-to-end and the fibers break, that fleece is no longer a suitable fleece for spinning into yarn. Stress and poor nutrition are two of the biggest factors contributing to weak fibers. But did you know that even having those little lambs can cause stress on a ewe?


                                little lamb

                              It's hard to believe that this little guy could stress-out his Mama.


All fleeces listed below have been hand-washed, kettle-dyed and dried on racks here at our farm.


Washing the fleece can remove another 50% in weight due to the lanolin content. This is good for you, because all costs are calculated by final weight.

The staple length will vary between 7 - 11 inches. Read individual descriptions.


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