Raised with Respect

One goal of Sutton Ridge Farm is to participate in the conservation of historic animal breeds. Animals, agriculture and mankind have a deep history…all interdependent on each other.

But, as history’s timeline moved towards the Industrial Revolution, changes were made to the way we, as a country, viewed animals as our food source. The time of mass-production had encroached on the family farm and animals started to be bred for various characteristics according to the demands of the marketplace.

Therefore, it was not important that animals lived a good life before becoming a part of the food chain, but rather, as to how can we grow these animals bigger, faster, and cheaper! The animals that occupy our farm enjoy a carefree life.

We all know most things that are worthwhile require the investment of time to achieve maximum potential. Here at Sutton Ridge we strive for that potential through patience, diligence and hard work.

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