Milk-Fed Pork

Fresh Air, Healthy Diets and Exercise

This is the recipe for some of the best pork you have ever tasted.  One reason is the addition of milk in their diet. This imparts a taste like no other. Did you know that a pig, more than any other animal, is what it eats? If a pig has a regular diet of apples, the meat will be sweet. If they eat acorns, the flavor is a bit nutty. If they eat bakery waste or “garbage”, guess what?  You don’t want to eat it.  

Key factors to delicious, tender pork

  •         Milk
  •         Certified organic grains
  •         Organic garden & orchard produce
  •         Stress-free living

Our hogs are fed with grains grown and harvested right from our own farm. We grind a variety of non-GMO grains; like barley, oats and wheat (no corn or soybeans) on a weekly basis to ensure that what they’re eating is as fresh as it can be. In the growing season, they also receive plenty of greens, extra garden produce and fruit from our orchard.  Stress-free living is equally important so there are no “off-flavors” in the meat.


Sutton Ridge pork is:

  •         100% GMO-free
  •         Soy-free
  •         Corn-free
  •         Nitrate/Nitrite free
  •         MSG free

Available pork products

  •         Classic cuts: chops, bacon, roasts, hams, ham steaks, ribs
  •         Old fashioned wieners (natural casings, no organ meat)
  •         Wild Rice and classic brats (natural casings, no organ meat)
  •         Unseasoned & seasoned pork sausage
  •         Shaved, deli-style luncheon meat
  •         Canadian bacon
  •         Maple breakfast sausage links
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