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Please use the Contact Us menu item to email your product orders to us or to schedule an appointment.

All products are sold at the farm.

All meat products are Non-GMO, MSG-free, no added Nitrate or Nitrites. No corn, no soy fed to animals. Only natural casings are used (no organ meats). No fillers or pink slime. No anti-biotics. No growth hormones. Basically, all we have is real meat.

All meat is processed off-site and is USDA certified or Minnesota State Inspected. All meat comes frozen.

Meat boxes, split-halves, custom halves and whole animals require a $50 - $100 deposit to reserve your order.

Fleeces require a $25 reservation deposit.


100% Grass-fed, DRY-AGED, Scottish Highland Beef

Available in Split-halves (approx 85lbs) and custom cut halves. Email us at for pricing and availability.

The average American eats 65lbs of beef per year, according to the USDA. A Split-half will ensure that you are "food secure" for one year. Special double- packing ensures longer freezer life and greater freezer-burn protection. We are proud to offer you some of the healthiest and tastiest beef you can find.

Split-halves include a variety of cuts, including: 17-23 lbs of roast, 7-10lbs of steak (including filet mignon!), cubed stew meat, meat-on soup bones and 40lbs of ground beef.

Ala carte cuts available at the farm. Which includes steak, roast and ground beef. We even have liver and ox tails.

Other Beef products include:

  • Old fashioned wieners
  • Summer sausage
  • Beef snack sticks (a best seller!)

Inventory and prices vary and subject to change. Please email for current price list.


Milk-Fed Pork

Available in 30lb Hog boxes and custom-cut haves or whole hog.

Boxes include a variety of cuts, including: bacon, ribs, pork chops, roasts, ground pork and hot Italian sausage, ham steaks and a small ham.


A la carte cuts and pork products available at the farm. These include:

  • Classic cuts: chops, bacon, roasts, hams, ham steaks, ribs
  • Old fashioned wieners
  • Wild rice brats and other varieties
  • Unseasoned & seasoned pork sausage
  • Shaved, deli-style luncheon meat
  • Canadian bacon
  • Maple breakfast sausage links

Inventory and prices vary and subject to change. Please email for current price list.


Organic Whole Grain Wheat

This is the hard, red winter wheat variety (NON-GMO). Ideal for grinding into flour for heartier breads. Or, use as a whole grain. See Products tab for recipe ideas. Prices vary and subject to change. Please email for current price list.

Available in 2lb and 50lb bags.


Leicester Longwool Yarn and Roving

See Fabulous Fiber section.


Unique Fiber Blends
We have some fabulous fiber blends where we have incorporated our Scottish Highland fiber with our wool fiber. Some batches also include angora, alpaca and sparkly Glitz!

These are available only one time per year. Just after the Spring shearing of the sheep and a Spring shearing for the Highlanders.

Photos, pricing and details to come.


Farmhouse Picture frames

We recycled our 102 year-old cedar siding from the old farmhouse and made it into rustic picture frames. They measure 14.5" X 13" with a glass covered opening for an 8x10 photo. The frame can be used either vertically or horizontally. They have an easel back for table-top use or may be hung on the wall. These are truly a piece of history.

Cost is $30.




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