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We are in the process of adding many new wool products, including: raw fleece, dyed- fleeces, kettle-dyed roving, needle felting kits, dryer ball kits to name a few. Please check back in the coming weeks. In addition to many new photos, we will also be adding e-commerce to our site. So if you like it, you can buy it and it will be shipped to your door.

               Fiber Characteristics:

                  Long staple length                   Luminescent “halo” effect
                   Strong Fibers                            Beautiful drape
        fleece by spinning wheel  

This is the fun part (actually, the really fun part is finishing the last stitch on your project!) Let’s narrow down your fiber decision.  The Leicester Longwool yarn is best suited for items that you’ll wear over another garment, like; sweaters, jackets or vests. But mittens and headwear is great, too.  It knits-up beautifully and will give crisp-stitch definition with a gorgeous luster.

We offer many unique blends: Wool with one or more of the following: angora, mohair, alpaca and a statewide exclusive blend with our Scottish Highland fiber.

       Kettle-Dyed Roving and Complete Felting Kits

                       Roving for spinning or embellishment needle felting.

Class Project Samples

sock                scarf needlefelted

These are a couple samples of Embellishment Needle felting projects. They started out as a plain sock and a plain scarf. You can be as simple or complex with your designs. Our kits come complete with everything to get you started.

       Raw Fleeces 


Samples of dyed locks.

 Attention creative-types. DIY (Do-It Yourself!)


This yarn was hand spun right from the lock. The long staple length makes your job easier.

  •      Spinning
  •      Dyeing
  •      Felting

 You put so much time and care into each knitted or crocheted project you make. Equal attention should be placed upon the yarn you use. As someone recently told me, if you make a garment with this yarn, it’s staying in the family!

  Unique Historical status

The Leicester (pronounced ‘Lester’) Longwool  breed of sheep, also known as the English Leicester, is not a breed that you hear about too often. They originated in England in the mid 1700s. The Leicester was characterized by a heavy, curly fleece. It was so desired because the fleece was soft-handling and lustrous, with a spiral tipped staple of eight inches or more.

 The Leicester Longwool was highly prized in America, especially for its use in crossbreeding to improve “native” stock. After 1900, the Leicester Longwool fell into decline.  Around 1930 they were likely extinct in the United States.

 In 1990, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, an historic site in Virginia, re-established the breed in North America. Several conservation flocks have now been established, and the population of Leicester Longwool sheep in North America is increasing. This is important, given that the breed remains rare globally.

 You can read more about this breed at The Livestock Conservancy website.

      Breed Conservation
We bought our starter flock from a breeder in central Illinois a number of years ago. Since then, one of our goals has been to simply increase the flock. Pure bred sheep can be particularly finicky and require careful attention. As we are continually seeking to keep true to the standard for the breed, we must manage the breeding to ensure that our flock produces beautiful fleeces and healthy structure for the animal. We are blessed to maintain some of the old bloodlines that keep this breed a rare treasure.

        American Wool making a comeback

You can learn more about the resurgence of American Wool in every aspect of our modern lives from performance & style to room & home at WOOL 101.


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